Hellebore – Winter Elegance





A Fine art Image of Hellebore “Winter Elegance”

Hellebores are delightful Winter to Spring flowering perennial plants.


They do really well in those hard to place spots such as full shade and they don’t take up much space at all.

Their flowers make great subjects for Photography, especially in those Winter months when not too much is flowering in my garden.

Another name for Hellebore’s is — Lenten Rose, being an avid Gardener for over 30 years I much prefer to use the technical name for plants, even though when I do, people often don’t know what I am talking about. Common names for plants are easily remembered.

Early Spring in my garden brought gale force winds, and a hot, sunny, summer day of 37 degrees celcius. The next day we were Back to Winter weather and oh! those gale force winds.

Spring here in Sydney’s greater south-west has been very unpredictable, not quite as cool as last year – perhaps we are in for a very hot summer this year!



8 comments on “Hellebore – Winter Elegance

  1. Such a beautiful image of a Hellebore. My Mother used to call them Christmas Roses and grew many of them (having a fairly shady large garden).

    So you are having the gale force (or at least gusty) winds we are having in Melbourne. Apart from last Sunday, it’s a very slow start to Spring down south, but this Sunday and part of next week looks more promising.

    • Thank You Vicki! The winds have died down a bit over the last couple of days, today is the best day we have had in a long time.

  2. What should I say Karen? I see a lot of pictures of flowers and you know I love to photograph as well. But your way to interpret and transform the beauty of the blossoms is really special and wonderful! 🙂

  3. Lovely, soft image!

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