“Red Angel”

“Red Angel”

A red Pansy, Taken in my garden.




I really did think that rotten wind had gone,

The gale force wind that has been destroying all outdoor time for me for the last few weeks.

Peeking through my window as I am writing this, the wind blows fiercely and then slowly dies to a gentle breeze.

It is early Spring, my bulbs are starting to bloom, newly planted Maples are leafing, Magnolias are showing their first blooms, but not so the Birch – yet.

Roses are putting on nice leaf growth and there are a few buds showing.

We desperately need some rain over here, a really good few days, of heavy soaking, as the earth is so dry.


But –  Let’s get to the subject of Contrast in Photography, and especially in Flower Photography.

What can I say about Contrast – Contrast is how much a focal point stands out against the rest of the image,

Or how much a flower stands out against it’s background.

No matter what type of background,

The focal point or flower, needs to stand out and not blend in to the background of the image which would create a visual blur between subject and background,

Rendering the image as lifeless, and uninspiring.

Unless – that was what, was intended to happen.

Contrast can be created by using for example – HighlightsColour, Shadows.

 Contrast can also be created by using a Darker  background to bring the subject into focus, or the reverse.

Backgrounds can be many things – such as a garden setting, a studio or light box setting, or a background using textures.

Contrast is such a simple thing, but also one of the most important things to focus on – in all aspects of art.











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  1. This photo is really beautiful! Loves! ❤️💕👌🏻

  2. Lovely image and nice contrast from the colour wheel too.
    Your flower images remind me of how much I love a narrow DOF.

  3. Thanks Vicki!

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