Lenten Rose

Delightful – 2

Words seem to have left me lately,

and I am feeling just a bit brain dead.

We have another really windy cold day today and I have opted out of going anywhere, and as always around this time of the year when the cold and damp has really taken hold, I just like to stay inside and enjoy the warmth and cosiness of my house.

I have Hellebore Tu Tu -“Delightful -2” and another version which is a bit paler and still very pretty “Delightful” which you can see on my website and shop.

As with most of my images, the likeness to real life isn’t quite true. Hellebore Tu Tu has more of deeper maroon colour and depending on the lighting of course in Photography, you can get a myriad of different colours, hues, and tones. I shot the above image on Vivid and used a warm white balance, with the intense lighting the colours also changed as well.





8 comments on “Lenten Rose

  1. This photo is absolutely beautiful, well done! ❤️

  2. Stunning image, Karen. The focus on the stamens and inner parts of Hellebores with the white background really bring wonderful focus to the composition. A Hellebore is one of the very first flowers I photographed 7 years ago when I bought a camera. Just wish they didn’t wilt so quickly after being cut for indoors. You seem to have a very good eye for composition in your photography.

  3. Lovely and feminine!

  4. Stunning, Karen!

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