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The Rocks Sydney

dsc 114-4270 suez canal the rocks web
Suez Canal

Suez Canal The Rocks Sydney.

As history goes, a place to be avoided.


I don’t come into the city all that often these days, but when I do it reminds me of my early working life. Tall buildings lots of shadows and it was cold.

Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay

It was freezing and so windy walking down from the rocks area through Circular Quay and around to this spot in the above image. This path takes you to the Opera House and around to the bottom of the Botanical Gardens, and beyond.

Once again I was amazed at how many people were here during the week, mainly tourists from overseas. And everyone was snapping photos with their phones, at themselves, at other people.


Reflections The Opera House.

dsc 114-4237 opera house web
Opera House

dsc 114-4241 walkway web

Reflections, Glimmer, Bold Lines, Form and Beautiful Architecture.


dsc 114-4248 botanical gdns web
Water Taxis

Oh! I want to go on one of those, and then around the bend to the bottom of the Botanical Gardens which boasts a bright red coach for those who don’t wish to walk – Yes Please!.


dsc 114-4297 sydney ferries web
Sydney Ferries


dsc114-4291 hbr bridge
The Harbour Bridge

From Circular Quay you can catch glimpses of Lunar Park. Who remembers Luna Park and isn’t it amazing that it’s still there after,

well since I was a kid and that’s a lot of years.

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