“Some part of me is lost In different worlds,

But in this one,

I linger still”.





A few weeks ago we experienced a really warm day, or was it last week; I don’t seem to remember.

Vagaries of time disrupt my memories, but I do remember that really warm, Spring – like day.

You know the sort I mean, where the warm breeze wafts spring –  flower fragrances, gently through the front door.

There I found myself once again; spring fever had taken hold, although I didn’t realize at the time as I was choosing my flowers for the garden.

Such a gay abundance of colour; a little tropical mixed in with a little cool climate. Pansies and Bougainvillea, luminous pinks, deep sultry reds and purples.

Their colours mesmerised, tempted and delighted all at once as I became lost in that Spring warm – late Winter’s day.



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