Of Times Past

Of Times Past

It was an overcast day at Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains,  when I took this shot, neither warm nor cold.

Mist drifted in and out of the trees, as sunny periods broke through the cloud cover, lending the landscape an eerie feeling; and perhaps one of foreboding.

Textures abounded in the forms of soft tree trunks, native plant vegetation and the grainy visual quality of the mist.



“You’d call the man a senseless fool, – a blockhead or an ass,

Who’d dare to say he saw the ghost of Mount Victoria Pass;

But I believe the ghost is there,

For, if my eyes are right,

I saw it once upon a ne’er – to – be – forgotton night.”

Excerpt from the poem by Henry Lawson 1891 – “The Ghost At The Second Bridge”



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