The Little Rocky Outcrop

Kanimbla Valley Mount Victoria


At the end of Kanimbla Valley Rd at Mount Victoria lies a track which takes you to a few places,

the first of which is a lovely little rock outcrop. This is one of my favourite spots to take in the views of Kanimbla Valley, Mount Piddington, Blackheath ridge and Mitchells Ridge.

The forecast was for a partly cloudy day with wind picking up in the afternoon and while we were here cold gusts of wind assailed us as the sun peeked in and out of the clouds.


Change is inevitable and unfortunately most of the time, not for the better. I will miss my Blueberry Muffins the way they used to be.

Blue Mist Café at Wentworth Falls serves delicious hot breakfasts and the most scrumptious Apple Pudding with Butterscotch sauce. Their Cappuccino’s are delicious with a full chocolate topping. We left a little earlier in the morning and arrived at Wentworth Falls about 9.20 am and managed to get a seat inside, by the time we were finished eating at Blue Mist Café,  it was starting to get quite busy, so the early start is a must for seating.


One of the things I have learnt on my frequent trips to the Mountains over the years, is the fact that some places are confusing in the way of lack of directions, and lack of tracks being named on actual signs along the way. So when looking for a particular walk, spot or lookout you must do your research before you leave, make sure you read the maps at the entrance properly and pay close attention to the signs along the way.

Happy Wandering




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