The Majesty Of The Mountains

A few shots of Grose Valley at Blackheath

Blue Mountains Australia.

It was a quick trip up to the mountains last week as

as I was and still am suffering from this flu and bronchitis thing. The weather up there actually seemed a bit warmer than what it was down here, but the further up we drove the colder it became.

Stopping at the bakery at Wentworth Falls for morning tea around 10am, the wind started to pick up and it became quite chilly and very windy which isn’t a good thing as my tripod is so light and tends to move a bit in very windy conditions

. As I hadn’t been out to do any sort of photography in almost a month I really wanted to go for a short walk and get a few shots in. We ended up at Blackheath and took in the magnificent views of Grose Valley, there were quite a few tourists around which distracted me somewhat from soaking up the wonderful atmosphere of the mountains that I so enjoy.

“In the mountains, everything is as it should be.

Majestic, serene and beautiful.

Everything has it’s time and place in the great scheme of the universe, and to be able to connect with the life force that runs through this magnificent place is indeed a blessing”.





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  1. Wow, that is a fantastic photo Karen! It reminds me of our Red Rock Canyon except you have many more trees. I hope you shake the bug off soon, be well! 😀


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